Friday, December 3, 2010

Forest Fires in Israel: We Must Help

As many of you may have heard, Israel is now suffering from the worst forest fire in its 60 year history. Dozens have been killed, some villages have been completely destroyed, the dorms at the University of Haifa (where I studied for two summers) have been evacuated, and the entire city of Haifa is at risk. Israel needs help desperately. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a day of mourning despite the Hanukkah Holiday. You can see updates on the current situation at the Magen David Adom (Israeli Emergency Services) website:

Updates on the Forest Fire

You can donate to help these communities and rebuild the forests in Israel's North through the Jewish National Fund:

Click Here to Make an Essential Donation

Israel's North is a unique place where Arabs and Jews live together and cherish the same forests and natural beauties of the land. It is essential that we help out our brothers, sisters, and cousins in Israel to help them get this fire under control and rebuild their lives.

For more information visit : the Haaretz website