Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Maine-Tel Aviv Connection

On a Shabbat walk around Tel Aviv, I walked into one of the most surprising, strange, and exciting museums I have ever encountered in Israel. It did not have biblical artifacts or commemorate great moments in Zionist history. Rather, it was the museum of a colony of Mormons from Maine that settled in Jaffa over 100 years ago. It is a house from Maine in a colony of houses from a group of Mainers that were inspired to settle in the Holy Land. I cannot explain how crazy it was to walk into an entire house filled with Maine paraphernalia: maps (which of course included Waterville!), hats, model ships, and books about Maine history.

I could not take pictures of the museum because it was Shabbat, but you can check out pictures and history here from the Jaffa American Colony website.

Shavua Tov! (Have a great week!)