Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt: What to Make of it All?

No one really knows how these serious of protests will determine the future of Egypt or the Middle East. However, regardless of the outcome, the new face of Egypt will have serious consequences for Israel. On one hand, demands for democracy are something that should be cherished and supported. On the other hand, if the Muslim Brotherhood (the Egyptian branch of Hamas) has a significant role in the new Egyptian government, the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt could be put at risk. Our family in Israel is waiting anxiously to see what this new Egypt looks like.

There are two articles in the New York Times that put forth different theories on how the events in Egypt will or should affect Israel:

The first is by Israeli scholar Yossi Klein HaLevi:

The second is by Thomas Friedman:

For more Israeli perspectives that represent the Israeli mainstream, I always suggest checking out ynet: