Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prayer Conversation Continued

A great discussion has emerged from the blog of the Jewish Theological Seminary's Chancellor, Dr. Arnold Eisen. You can see his latest response to the conversation here:

The quote that piqued by interest was this:

"Bob Braitman is absolutely right: in order to improve the quality of tefillah in our synagogues (and in our lives outside of synagogue), we should ask Jewish men and women what they hope for in prayer. What do they want? What do they need? What in the siddur speaks to them? What leaves them cold? What do they believe God—however they understand God—wants to hear from them? What are they prepared to reply?"

How would you feel about this question being asked at the beginning of our services? I'd be interested to know. I think that this would be a good conversation for our community, especially as we learn new prayers and tunes together!

See you all on the Shabbat of August 19th and 20th!