Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Defend Health Care for Low-Income and Disabled Mainers

Proposed budget cuts will deprive 65,000 vulnerable Mainers of health insurance. It is one of the core values of Judaism to provide for the poor and fight for their dignity. Even in times of austerity, no one deserves to suffer or die because of poverty -- it is inhumane and completely out of line with what the Bible teaches:

Is not the fast that I desire the unlocking of the chains of wickedness, the loosening of exploitation, the freeing of the oppressed, the breaking of the yoke of servitude?
Is it not the sharing of your bread with those who starve, the bringing of the wretched poor into your house,
or clothing someone you see who is naked and not hiding from your fellow human being in their time of need?
(Behave this way and) Then shall your light burst forth as the dawn, your waters of healing will flourish again,
your righteousness will go before you and God's glory will be behind you. Then, when you call out to God, God will respond, "Here I am." ( Isaiah 58:6 12)

Please consider signing this petition to protect the lives and dignity of thousands of vulnerable Mainers.