Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yasher Koach, Colby Hillel

In honor of the month of Adar, Colby College Hillel partnered with Sodexo food services to raise money for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.  According to halacha (Jewish Law), you cannot refuse to give to those in need during this festive month.  Colby students, faculty, and community members rose to the challenge of giving generously during these days. When they ate The Spa, the small cafe in the Pulver Pavilion, they gave in $1.00 increments to help those who suffer from food insecurity.

In all, we raised $860.00 for the shelter.  All of these dollars will go towards feeding those who need help in Mid-Maine.  Nearly $8,000.00 was cut from the shelter's budget this past year, so I'm glad that we could offset at least some of those losses.  If you want to join in our effort to put Torah values into action, you can donate to the shelter by clicking here.

Yasher Koach to Colby Hillel and all who partnered with us in this holy work!