Monday, April 16, 2012

Yom HaShoa Event at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center

Yom Hashoah: A Day of Remembrance in honor of the survivors, liberators and those who perished.

Sunday April 22 2012 2 PM Michael Klahr Center

2 PM: Yom Hashoah Service featuring Cantor Deborah Marlowe

2:30 PM Screening of "La Rafle"

From The Guardian, UK -

A harrowing drama following the events of the Nazi-decreed raid through the eyes of a group of young children, La Rafle has been hailed as an important step in France's acknowledgment of its complicity in the crimes of the Occupation.
Its central character is Joseph Weismann, now 80, and one of the 4,051 children taken during the raids. Unlike almost all his compatriots, however, the 11-year-old managed to escape.
The director, Rose Bosch, whose husband's family were Jews in the same Parisian neighbourhood as Weismann, said she felt the film had to be made to shed light on one of the most sensitive chapters in wartime France. "Because it was so taboo and the story was so untold, I decided to do it," she said.

Free and open to the public, refreshments provided.

Musical Guests: Cinder Conk