Sunday, July 15, 2012

Documenting Maine Jewry

Honoring the Jewish tradition of remembrance, the Documenting Maine Jewry project seeks to tell the story of the Maine Jews and their communities. Its goal is to collect short histories of the many people and organizations that have contributed to the lives of Maine Jewry since the 1880s. On, one can listen to Maine Jewish oral histories; contribute your own family and community history; and find documents and news articles about old family members and friends. Documenting Maine Jewry is the Maine branch of the International Association  of Jewish Genealogical Societies.   
On the Greater Waterville home page ( one can explore biographies, cemetery records, and photographs of families which have a strong tie to the Greater Waterville area. Currently there are records on 889 individual Jews with strong ties to Greater Waterville of which 63 records show the origin of first generation immigrants; 159 records of burial in Jewish cemeteries for which there are 107 headstone images; 58 organizations important to the Greater Waterville area Jewish community of which 31 are Jewish community institutions and 23 are businesses important to the Greater Waterville area Jewish community; 227 bibliographic citations and sources pertaining to Greater Waterville of which 86 are photographs and 19 are oral histories.
DMJ will welcome additional contributions of documents and photographs from your family and from organizations based in and around Greater Waterville.   To contribute to the history or to subscribe to a free monthly online newsletter, contact MaineJews@gmail.comDocumenting Maine Jewry is largely an all-volunteer organization.  We welcome new volunteers and financial support.   Financial contributions can be designated to honor one's own Maine immigrant family or to inspire and inform the next generation of Maine Jews. Contribution can be sent to Temple Beth El (marked for DMJ) , 400 Deering Ave,  Portland, Maine 04103.
Thank you for your assistance and support.
Harris Gleckman
Project Shammas
Documenting Maine Jewry