Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Aging Folks

Are you a caregiver for someone in your family?

You should check out the website of my good friend, Rabbi Jordan Rosenberg: http://www.MyAgingFolks.com

Here is a little information about his site:

MyAgingFolks.com is a resource for adult children finding themselves in the challenging role of caregiver for an aging parent. 
      Our services are all designed to support family caregivers involved with eldercare issues. Whether the help you need is advice, an expert answer, a service recommendation, a financial or legal decision, our network of independent professionals (e.g. geriatric care managers, doctors, nurses, Medicare/Medicaid specialists, financial advisors, physical therapists, lawyers, etc.) can help you thrive in your role as caregiver. 
      MyAgingFolks.com is independently owned and operated. We are neither affiliated with nor accept advertising from insurance companies, residential facilities, or health-care services. You can rest assured that your selection of a professional at MyAgingFolks.com is a person who best matches your needs.